Sale and rent of leotards

SALEand rent of leotards

leotards new and second-hand

In the workshop you can try on and buy leotards for rhythmic gymnastics. If you do not live in Moscow, then the chosen leotard we will send by post.

In the workshop of Lana the new service is available: rent of swimsuits.

Leotards, which are owned by the workshop, can be rented for 7 days, the cost of renting is 10% of the cost of a leotard.

Rental conditions - a pledge of 100% of the value of the leotard, the rental price will be deducted from this pledge when a swimsuit come back.

You can try on a leotards by address: Moscow, Batushkova str, 2-3 (near Tyoply Stan underground station), before arrival, you must call the workshop: +7 985 360 38 50