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  The online course is fully consistent with the courses that students study in the workshop and in the process of completing the course assignments you also make a scale model of a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics.


   After paying the course fee, you are given access to course materials for a time, depending on your subscription.

   You can watch the video lessons at any time convenient for you and review the lessons an unlimited number of times during your access. You can pause the video, revisit the desired part of the lesson.

   But you do not get access to all the lessons at once! Lessons will open on schedule! Access to all lessons opens in about 40 days! Because of it you will need at least two month to complete course. If you will choose 31 days access, you have to be ready to make a two or more payments.

  In the process of learning, you are invited to stitch a scale model (1: 2) of a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics and a sample application with 3D elements of size A4. All the lessons are arranged in a clear sequence: in one lesson block you watch several video clips, where the technology on the topic of the lesson is shown using real works as an example, then you watch the video lesson with assignment and detailed instructions that you must complete. You perform the assignment , photograph the result and send it for verification.

Svetlana checks your work, comments on whether you have done everything correctly and writes what mistakes need to be fixed. Anyone who has successfully completed all the tasks will be sent (by mail Russia) certificate of completion of courses.

You can also sew your own leotard in parallel, but in parallel. First, perform the mandatory task on the scale model, and then, if you have any questions, you post your own swimsuit for discussion.

You can not complete the assignments, the lessons will be available to you anyway. But without completing all the assignments you will not receive a certificate.

Course content you can see here: Content of the online course

List of necessary materials and equipment for the course: скачать. You can also purchase a "Online course´s kit" in our online shop:

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