For almost 10 years we have been sewing costumes for the best athletes, both in our country and from other countries. We were lucky to work for Margaria Mamun, Dina and Arina Averin, Camilla Valieva, Salome Pozhava, Vlada Nikolchenko and many others.
Unique design

For each customer, we develop an individual sketch. And we never make copies of our own or other people's work. Even costumes for group performances are sewn taking into account the characteristics of each gymnast, her characteristics and the need for body shaping.

The highest quality materials

In our work we use only the highest quality fabrics, paints and accessories. Over the years of work, hundreds and thousands of different samples have passed through our workshop, from which we were able to choose the highest quality and most reliable. Suits made from such materials serve their mistresses for more than one season, and are in demand in the secondary market.

More than 3000 students have been trained in our online school

A large number of trainees in our online school, both beginners and experienced ones, gave us invaluable experience, both in training and in debugging our production technologies. Each of our students not only gains knowledge of our technologies, but often pushes us to search for new, more advanced technologies.

Support for our customers throughout the "life" of the suit

The rules of the competition are constantly changing and we are always ready to adjust the design of the costume, modernize it, breathe a second life into it. Moreover, if for some reason this costume no longer suits you, we will help you find a buyer for it or even buy it from you.