The best costumes for the best athletes!

For more than 10 years, Svetlana Gerasimova's workshop has been creating costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, other sports and show programs. We know how to do it, we will sew a suit for you with love or we will teach you how to sew a suit yourself!



Tailoring of costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, for figure skating, for other sports and show programs

Online school


Full-time and online training in the design and manufacturing technology of costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, ballroom dancing, etc.

Online store of fabrics and accessories

Online store of fabrics and accessories

Only materials tested in our atelier. We sew from these fabrics!

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О мастерской

Lana workshop costumes

How we work on orders

How we work on orders

Tell you about our workshop and how we work on the order from individual sketch to finished product

Sign up for tailoring

Sign up for tailoring

The services of our workshop are popular, so it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.
Sign up for tailoring here

Take measurements

Take measurements

If you order remote sewing, it is very important to properly take measurements.
Here we show you how to do it.



Gallery of our works - the workshop produces a large number of products, and the best we publish here.

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About the school

School of Svetlana Gerasimova

Full-time education

Full-time education

On full-time training in the workshop, students make a swimsuit of international level according to the sketch of our workshop

Online school

Online school

We create online courses that really teach our work techniques. Without water, only compressed real information and practice



In our workshop you can have an internship, which gives beginners and practicing masters the opportunity to see the work of the workshop, to be a part of it

Ready-made products

Ready-made products

You can purchase ready-made templates for standard height measurements developed in our workshop


Our works

For many years, our workshop has been creating costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, other aesthetic sports and show costumes. We have a lot of work and some of them can be seen here

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The most popular courses

Our courses

For many years of work, we have gained rich practical experience, which we are happy to share with our students. We teach design, manufacturing technology, painting, airbrushing and much more. The full list of our courses can be viewed here.

В этом небольшом фрагменте полного курса я научу вас строить выкройку купальника для художественной гимнастики, так как это делается в...

Открытый курс для тех, кто хочет попробовать аэрографию при изготовлении костюмов для художественной гимнастики и фигурного катания Посмотрите видео о том,...

Внимание!!! Курс морально устарел и больше не продается. Доступ для тех, кто купил неограниченный доступ остается. После того, как мы выложим...


Welcome to the website of Svetlana Gerasimova's workshop - for more than 10 years we have been sewing costumes for rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating. We know how to do it and we can teach you.

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