Lana´s atelier

Why make a copy when you can sew a unique gymnastic leotard?

для уникальной гимнастки

Купальники шьются в единственном экземпляре без повторений. Для каждого купальника разрабатывается новый дизайн.

Самые яркиеткани
и краскидля яркихгимнасток

Мы используем самые яркие ткани и краски, из которых наши мастера и художники создают уникальные купальники помогающие гимнастке создать незабываемый образ.

Используем материалы
только высшего качества

Для создания купальников мы используем ткани и краски лучших производителей. Купальники декорируются камнями австрийских компаний SWAROVSKI и STELLUX


Задача дизайна - создать купальник, который запомнится, выделится из общей массы, о котором будут говорить.Который поможет гимнастке чувствовать себя на ковре самой яркой.

создания неповторимого образа

Дизайн разрабатывается в соответствии с тематикой упражнения и с учетом пожелания тренера и гимнастки.

Lana Studio is one of the best known and leading workshops in the world that creates gymnastics leotards.

   We create the best leotard designs of premium class. Such famous athletes as Dina Averina and Arina Averina, Aleksandra Soldatova, Salome Pazhava, Vlada Nikolchenko are dressed in our handiworks!

   Lana workshop creates not only gymnastics leotards. We also make clothing for figure skating, sports acrobatics, synchronised swimming, as well as for actors.

lana workshop
“I basically do not repeat my work. Why make a copy when you can make a unique leotard? 

— Svetlana Gerasimova

   Since we make some of the best and distinctive gymnastics leotards, we are often asked for training.

   We decided to share our knowledge and opened a school.

   Training in the Lana workshop involves on-line training and classes. You can find more information about the training modes in the respective section of our website.

   Both beginners and experienced masters take training in our school. Beginners, who were not familiar with a sewing machine before the course, create beautiful and distinctive handiworks during classes. Experienced masters come to our school to raise their level of proficiency, feel inspired and apply successfully innovative technologies of the Lana workshop.

Our workshop is an experimental shop in effect. We create technologies and trends and are always looking for new styles and artistic techniques.

   1The workshop is also engaged in the sale of materials for leotards. At, we put up for sale everything we use in our workshop. We have collected for you the best power-net mesh, biflex, velvet and other fabrics, the quality of which we have checked in our handiworks. On the website, you can also find fabric paints, glitters and a lot more.

   In addition, the workshop helps its customers sell the handiworks created for them. Leotards offered for sale are available on our second Instagram account lana18rg_studio. All leotards undergo pre-sale inspection but they are generally in perfect condition.


Rhythmic gymnastics leotards

We a making gymnastics leotards for gymnastics around the world from the USA and Puerto-Rico to China and Australia


Video lessons

The unique technology of Lana’s workshop can be mastered both online and by full-time studies.



The knowledge gained at the school of Svetlana Gerasimova helps her students create magnificent leotards for gymnastics, acrobatics and figure skating


Products in online shop

Everything you need for sewing leotards for rhythmic gymnastics

We know how to sew leotards for rhythmic gymnastics

For whom we sew?

In our leotards, gymnasts from all over the world perform: Dina and Arina Avereny, Alexandra Soldatova, Salome Pazhava, Anna Aponte, Vlad Niklchenko and others.

How we sew?

Each leotard is created in a single copy for a specific gymnastics, taking into account the specifics of her routines.

We know how to teach stitching gymnastic leotards

Online school

Over 130 video tutorials available to you anytime, anywhere. Test assignments and certificate of completion of the course.

10 day full time intensive

Within ten days in the workshop of Svetlana Gerasimova, you will not only undergo training to sew leotards, but also you will make a real leotard for your gymnast.

Some of our work

You can see more of our work in the section "Our works", as well as in our account in instagram