Eleonora Pirone

Here I am, I did it! But only with and thank you!!! It was an adventure full of new discovers, wonderful challenges and I'm absolutely satisfied with all the lessons, even if I have chosen the worst time of the year to complete the course (you were dressing Russian National team, and after, you were in Greece, but despite this, you were always there, correcting my tasks!). I printed out all the material attached to the course and traslated it by hand in Italian, and took a lot of notes about every lesson. It will be my treasure forever! The only "strange" thing is the translation of the outlining and painting lessons. The translation in english here is different from the other lessons, like it is an automatic one (sometimes it talks about swimwear despite leotards, and similar things). This is not so important, because just watching is enough to understand everything. I loved the course from the first to the last lesson, and I will surely miss your voice. Maybe you don't know, but your voice has been the soundtrack of my nights, and now I can recognize some Russian words! ❤️ Personally I would need a "budget" lesson. I never know, practically, when I make a costume, simple or complex, how much is enough, how much is too much, but, not being a person full of self esteem, how much is too cheap, also because I tend to underestimate my capacities. This is a delicate theme, but interesting to face up from your point of view. I will for sure subscribe to your next online courses, (just for the linguistic barrier, or I would pack my bags and come to your studio for the second part of the course tomorrow!). And that's all. I'm a satisfied happy, enthusiastic student, and I can't stop thank you for everything!

Lina Tinkova

I'm so glad that I found this course and challenged myself to start it. Being a beginner in sewing I founded some tasks difficult, but the videos were so detailed, that I managed to complete them all. I am extremely happy about all the information provided, I could never expect that I will learn so much from this course. And I am very thankful to the teacher for sharing her experience and knowledge and all the ''know how''. I am not sure how soon I will be able to sew beautiful leotard by myself, but I am sure that I know witch direction to go. So thank you once more and all the best to you and your team.

Digna Frederika van Houte - Fişekçi

Dear Lana, I loved the course. For me it was full of information that I could not find from books or other sources. I am very grateful for that. I do have a few notes on some of the texts that were a bit unclear. I will share them with you later. I am planning to go through the lessons one more time, and check my notes. I started to make a big leotard for my daughter. But it is quite challenging actually! :) I will ask you when I get stuck. I started by doing it wrong, so I will do it again from the beginning :)) I think that is the only way to really learn how to do it. Thanks again. Please let me know when you open the course on the designing and sketching! I think that is another thing I will have to learn in order to make a unique leotard! Best regards, Digna Frederika

Inesa Harutyunyan

Dear Svetlana the passion that you have for your job and what you teach is contagious .I have been fortunate to take your classes. You have amazed and inspired me daily and for that I am thankful, because you are truly a wonderful teacher. Every single lesson was perfect I ! THANK YOU! I will miss you and your lessons .