The prices for our leotards vary according to the height of a gymnast and wealth of decoration:

  • For the height of 100 to 130 cm - 70 to 100 thousand roubles;
  • For the height of 130 to 140 cm - 80 to 105 thousand roubles;
  • For the height of 140 to 150 cm - 85 to 110 thousand roubles;
  • For the height of 150 to 160 cm - 90 to 120 thousand roubles;
  • For the height of 160 cm and higher - 100 to 140 thousand roubles.

   Our workshop intention is to create leotards that will arouse admiration. A product fascinating the audience results when a craftsman creates without any limitations. One of the most important effects of the leotard is the shine of crystals. The cost of crystals constitutes a sufficiently large part of the leotard cost. For this reason, we have limited the minimum price of our leotards so as to make them luxurious and presentable. In our workshop, the leotard cost is calculated upon the completion of crystal glueing. This is done to the end that the master cares more about the aesthetic aspect and not about expenditures for a leotard. We cater to the customer’s preferences on more or less quantity of crystals.

   Expressed in U.S. dollars, the prices were not changed during the entire period of the workshop’s existence. The minimum price is $1000. The work may be done at less cost but you should be guided by this cost. If you order a leotard with no restrictions in terms of expenditures and allot us a task to make it visible from space, the cost may be increased. Some leotards made for Dina Averina, Arina Averina and Aleksandra Soldatova came in at about 160-180 thousand roubles.

Why is the cost of leotard so high in our workshop?

   First, in our workshop, we use only high-quality materials, as well as SWAROVSKI and STELLUX crystals made in Austria. We want our customers to shine and attract all eyes! It takes about 3 weeks to create a single leotard, during this time our designers and masters work at it. The leotard creation time may be extended depending on the design complexity and a number of crystals. The leotard cost includes not only the cost of all materials (crystals, fabrics, threads, paints) but also the cost of work of highly-skilled professionals. The cost also includes expenses associated with the rent of premises, purchase of equipment, taxes, etc. It must be remembered that only professionals who perform their work perfectly are employed by our workshop. We use the best materials and unique inventor’s technologies. We are trusted and chosen by the best athletes in the world.

Frequently asked question.

   How many crystals are used for a leotard?

   This question has long ceased to be relevant.

   In the early 2000s, it was decided to buy 2 packs of ss16 or ss20 crystals for leotard decoration and to use all of them for one leotard. Then, mentioning a number of crystals used, we could give a customer an idea of how a leotard would look on the carpet.

   Currently, we use a wide range of crystals to decorate a leotard, they vary in sizes and colours. We use flat back crystals ss10 to ss48 in size. But 100 ss12 crystals and 100 ss40 crystals look and cost differently. In our workshop, the average number of flat back crystals on a leotard is from 2 to 3.5 thousand pieces. The most luxurious leotards may bear up to 12 thousand crystals. In addition, a large number of sew-on crystals are used for leotards. In recent times, the minimum number of sew-on crystals on leotards is 70 pieces. Commonly, we use from 100 to 200 sew-on crystals. The most luxurious embroidered leotards may bear up to 800 sew-on crystals. However, the number of crystals is not an indicator of the leotard shine. The shine depends greatly on the crystal colour. Coloured crystals provide the colour depth but not the shine.